Sydney Symposium of Social Psychology 1998

Feeling and thinking: The role of affect in social cognition and behavior
(Published by Cambridge University Press, New York)

- List of participants and titles

- Abstracts

- Photos

- The Book: 'Feeling and Thinking: The Role of Affect in Social Cognition'
(Ed. J.P. Forgas)


Comments on 'Feeling and Thinking':


- Prof. Peter Salovey, Yale University

"I can't imagine a more interesting collection of affect researchers under one roof! Joseph Forgas has brought together the best minds in psychology to reflect on the interface between emotion and thought Excellent investigators showcase their best work."

- Prof. Tory Higgins, Columbia University

"At last there is a project that brings together the central findings and theories concerning the interface of social cognition and affect. This exciting book is must reading for anyone interested in the vital role of affect in social life."  

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