Sydney Symposium of Social Psychology 1999

The social mind: cognitive and motivational aspects of interpersonal behavior
(Published by Cambridge University Press, New York)

- List of participants and titles

- Abstracts

- Photos

- The Book: 'The Social Mind: Cognitive and Motivational Aspects of Interpersonal Behavior'
(Ed. J.P. Forgas)


Comments on 'The Social Mind':


- Prof. Marilynn B. Brewer, Ohio State University

"At last a volume that provides a compelling answer to the question of what is 'social' about social cognition. The editors have assembled a stellar cast of researchers ... and the result is eye-opening and mind-expanding ... the contributors make a convincing case that, for human beings, mental life IS social life."

- Prof. Daniel Gilbert, Harvard University

"The Sydney Symposium has once again collected some of social psychology's best researchers, and allowed them to produce an exciting and wide-ranging collection of papers that explore how the world within the mind represents, creates, interacts with, and is influenced by the world without. The bridge between social relations and social cognition has never been sturdier, and scientists on both sides of the divide won't want to miss this ..."  

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