Sydney Symposium  of Social Psychology



Tentative Program and Participants

1. Introduction and basic principles
Photo: Ferry on Sydney Harbour by Hamilton Lund. Courtesy Tourism New South WalesPhoto: Couple with life savers at Bondi Beach. Courtesy Tourism New South Wales
Photo: The Rocks, Sydney by Sally Mayman. Courtesy Tourism New South Wales
Hatfield, Elaine & Rapson, Richard (University of Hawaii): Passionate Love and Sexual Desire: Multicultural Perspectives

Haselton, Martie (University of California, Los Angeles) & Gonzaga, Gian : The evolution of love

Shaver, Phil (University of California, Davis) & Mikulincer, Mario (Bar-Ilan University, Israel): Augmenting the Sense of Security in Romantic, Leader-Follower, Therapeutic, and Group Relations: A Relational Model of Personality Change

Schmitt, David P. (Bradley University): Attachment Matters: The Personality and Sexuality Correlates of Romantic Attachment across Cultures, Genders, and Relationship Forms

2. Cognitive processes in relationships

Fletcher, Garth (University of Canterbury, New Zealand): Through the Eyes of Love: Reality and Illusion in Intimate Relationships

Acitelli, Linda (University of Houston): Do Relationship Reflections Help or Hurt Close Relationships?

Clark, Peggy (Yale University): How attentional flexibility builds high quality close relationships

Brewer, Marilynn (OhioSstate University): Social Identity and Close Relationships: What is the Connection?

3. Affect and motivational processes in relationships

Simpson, Jeffry, Collins, Andrew W., Tran, Sisi & Haydon, Catherine (University of Minnesota): Developmental antecedents of negative emotion in romantic relationships

Forgas, Joe (University of New South Wales): Happy and close, but sad and effective? Mood effects on strategic relationship behaviours

Gable, Shelley (University of California, Los Angeles): Approach and avoidance motives in close relationships

Murray, Sandra (University of Buffalo): Risk regulation in relationships

Noller, Pat, Conway, Susan & Blakeley, Anita (University of Queensland): Sibling Relationships in Adolescent and Young Adult Twin and Non-twin Siblings: Managing Competition and Comparison

4. Managing relationship problems

Fitness, Julie & Peterson, Julie (Macquarie University): Punishment and forgiveness in close relationships: An evolutionary, social-psychological perspective

Agnew, Chris, Arriaga, Ximena (Purdue University) & Wilson, Juan (Universidad de Chile): Committed to what? Using the Bases of Relational Commitment Model to Understand Continuity and Change in Social Relationships

Finkel, Eli (Northwestern University): Intimate Partner Violence: Insights from the Science of Self-Regulation

Williams, Kip, Arriaga, Ximena (Purdue University) & Zadro, Lisa (University of Sydney): Relational Ostracism

Miller, Rowland (Sam Houston State University): Attending to Temptation: The Operation (and Perils) of Attention to Alternatives in Close Relationships

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