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Following draft chapters/abstracts are available for download in PDF format:

Patrizia Catellani & Mauro Bertolotti (Catholic University of Milan)
The perception of politicians’ morality: Attacks and Defences

William D. Crano & Elena Lyrintzis (Claremont Graduate University)
Change of Valence and Structure of Complex Political Attitudes

John F. Dovidio (Yale University)
Identity and the Psychology of Social Change

Klaus Fiedler (Universität Heidelberg) & Alex Koch (University of Colonge)
The tragedy of democratic decision making

Joseph Forgas (University of New South Wales) Laszlo Kelemen and Janos Laszlo (University of Pecs, Hungary)
Social cognition and democracy: An eastern European case study

Mark Frank (University of Buffalo, New York), David Matsumoto (San Francisco State University) & Hyisung C. Hwang (Humintell, LLC)
Intergroup emotions and political aggression: The ANCODI hypothesis

Jeremy Ginges (University of Melbourne)
Sacred values and political life

Michael A. Hogg (Claremont Graduate University)
Social instability and self-uncertainty: A crucible for political polarization, ideological schism, and radical leadership

Jussim, Lee (Rutgers)
The Politics of Social Psychological Science II: Distortions in the Social Psychology of Liberalism and Conservatism

Jon A. Krosnick & Bo MacInnis (Stanford University)
The politics of news media and persuasion: The Case of Fox and Not-Fox Television News’ Impact on Opinions on Global

Mark J. Landau & Lucas A. Keefer (University of Kansas)
The Persuasive Power of Political Metaphors

David Pizarro (Cornell University) & Yoel Inbar (Tilburg University)
Politics, Pathogens, and Disgust

Felicia Pratto & Fouad Bou Zeineddine (University of Connecticut)
Politics and the Psychology of Power: Multi-level Dynamics in the (Im)Balances of Human Needs and Survival

Katherine J. Reynolds, Louisa Batalha & Emma Subasic (Australian National University)
The social psychology of social (dis)harmony: Implications for political leaders and public policy

David O. Sears (University of California, Los Angeles)
The American Color Line and Black Exceptionalism

Linda J. Skitka (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Moral Conviction: A Conservative Advantage or an Equal Opportunity Motivator of Political Engagement?

Robin R. Vallacher (Florida Atlantic University)
From Choice to Gridlock: Dynamic Bases of Constructive versus Dysfunctional Political Process

Paul A. M. van Lange (VU University Amsterdam)
Politics and Psychology: A View From A Social Dilemma Perspective

Michaela Wänke (Universität Mannheim)
It´s all in the face: Facial appearance, political ideology and voters´perceptions