Sydney Symposium of Social Psychology 2001

(Jointly sponsored by the University of New South Wales and Macquarie University)

The social self: cognitive, interpersonal and intergroup perspectives
(in press, Psychology Press, New York)

- List of participants and titles

- Abstracts (Under Construction)

- Photos

- The Book: 'The Social Self: Cognitive, Interpersonal, and Intergroup Perspectives'
(Ed. J.P. Forgas & K.D. Williams)


Comments on 'The Social Self':


- Prof. E. Tory Higgins, Columbia University

"This volume not only contains a collection of outstanding papers on the self by world- renowned experts, but it also presents a unified message about the importance of integrating the different levels in which the self functions. Interrelations among the individual self, the interpersonal self, and the collective self are examined conceptually and empirically. Those of us who are fascinated with how the self is constructed, maintained, and its impact on our everyday lives will find this volume enlightening and 'must' reading. Because the issues addressed in this volume are so central to the interface between self-regulation and social regulation, the appeal and significance of this volume is even broader. All those interested in the social foundations of motivation will find book highly rewarding."

- Prof. Daniel M. Wegner, Harvard University

"This collection showcases a fine array of recent social psychological research on the self. The focus here is explicitly social-examining self as a feature of the person's mind that is the hub of social relationships, natural psychological link to specific others, to groups, and to social life. The volume reveals that the current study of the social self is vigorous and wide-ranging."  

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