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Following draft chapters/abstracts are available for download in PDF format:

Emily Balcetis, Shana Cole & David Dunning (New York University)
Motivated Distance Perception Serves Action Regulation

John A. Bargh (Yale University) & Julie Y. Huang (University of Toronto)
The Evolutionary Unconscious: From ‘Selfish Genes’ to ‘Selfish Goals’

Charles S. Carver (University of Miami)
Dual-Process Models and Serotonergic Function: Impulse and Self-Control

Thomas F. Denson (University of New South Wales)
Psychological and biological mechanisms underlying control over anger and aggression: Why mean people may not be as mean as you think

Andrew J. Elliot (University of Rochester), Julia Schüler (University of Zurich), Marieke Roskes & Carsten K. W. De Dreu (University of Amsterdam)
Avoidance motivation is resource depleting

Joseph Forgas (University of New South Wales)
On the regulatory functions of mood: Affective influences on memory, judgments and behavior

Jamin Halberstadt (University of Otago) & Jonathan Jong (University of Oxford)
Scaring the bejesus into people: Religious belief and its role in managing implicit and explicit anxiety

Eddie Harmon-Jones, Cindy Harmon-Jones & Tom F. Price (University of New South Wales)
The Embodiment of Approach Motivation

E. Tory Higgins (Columbia University)

Michael Inzlicht (University of Toronto) & Lisa Legault (Clarkson University)
No pain, no gain: How distress underlies effective self-control (and unites diverse social psychological phenomena)

Shinobu Kitayama, Steve Tompson & Hannah Faye Chua (University of Michigan)
Neuro-cultural Mechanisms of Choice-Justification: Culture, Dissonance, and the Brain

Sander L. Koole, Mattie Tops, Sarah Strübin, Jarik Bouw, Iris K. Schneider (VU University Amsterdam) & Nils B. Jostmann (University of Amsterdam)
The Ego Fixation Hypothesis: Involuntary Persistence of Self-Control

C. Neil Macrae, Brittany M. Christian & Lynden K. Miles (University of Aberdeen)
Imagination and Behavioral Control

Jon Maner (Florida State University)
Sex, Love, Temptation: Human Mating Motives and their Regulation

Steve Most (University of New South Wales)
The regulation of vision: How motivation and emotion shape what we see

Jamie Napier (Yale University)
The natural order of things: The draw of naturalistic explanations for inequality

Brandon Schmeichel & David Tang (Texas A&M University)
The relationship between individual differences in executive functioning and emotion regulation: A comprehensive review

Abigail Scholer (University of Waterloo)
When Saying Yes to the Doughnut Is Not Saying No To Self-Control: A Hierarchical Approach to Flexibility in Conflict Representation

Lisa Zadro, Karen Gonsalkorale, & Alexandra Godwin (University of Sydney)
After rejection: Restoring primary needs