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The Social Psychology of Gullibility

21st Sydney Symposium of Social Psychology

8-12 July, 2019, Visegrad, Hungary

Convened by
Joseph P. Forgas, Bill Crano and Klaus Fiedler

The conference seeks to bring together researchers who are interested in understanding what social psychology can contribute to our understanding of real-life problems and how social psychology can inform rational interventions in any area of social life, including but not limited to issues related to social judgment, interpersonal behaviour, relationships, attitudes, communication or any area of public life where our discipline has special expertise.

Most substantive areas of social psychology are highly relevant to this topic, including research on evolutionary influences, social cognition, social influence processes, social motivation, political psychology, relationship processes, affective influences, economic psychology, interpersonal dynamics, as well as many others. As always the topic is broadly defined and we are interested in contribution from a wide variety of empirical and theoretical backgrounds that can contribute to understanding the role of social psychology in finding solutions to real-life problems.