Sydney Symposium of Social Psychology 2000

Social influence: Direct and indirect processes
(In press, Psychology Press, Philadelphia)

- List of participants and titles

- Abstracts

- Photos

- The Book: 'Social Influence: Direct and Indirect Processes'
(Ed. J.P. Forgas & K.D. Williams)


Comments on 'Social Influence: Direct and Indirect Processes':


- Prof. Elizabeth Loftus, University of Washington

"This Sydney Symposium volume, the third in a series, showcases the best research done by a collection of stellar scholars in social influence. Collectively, they offer an integration and re-conceptualization of social influence phenomena, and help readers appreciate how these phenomena permeate myriad aspects of social thinking and social behavior. Contributors make a strong case for a comprehensive approach to the many levels at which social influence processes operate, from subliminal and cognitive effects to interpersonal and socio-cultural effects. Since social influence plays such a critical role in forensic settings, in organizations, and in everyday life, 'Social influence: Direct and indirect processes' will be of great interest to anyone concerned with social influences phenomena - students, researchers, practitioners and laypersons alike."

- Prof. David Myers, Hope College

"What a great new book - one that breathes fresh air into our understanding of social influence by revealing the subtle nuances of how people affect one another. Ask social psychology students about social influence and they will give you examples of 'direct' influence: conformity, obedience, persuasion, group interaction. In this cutting edge volume, an all-star cast of social psychologists from six countries show how subtle cognitive processes create 'indirect' influence; Social cognition meets social influence, and the result is a big step forward for social psychology. Kudos to Joe Forgas and Kip Williams."  

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