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We would like to invite you to participate in our next, Thirteenth Annual Sydney Symposium of Social Psychology, to be held 15-18th March 2010. These meetings are held every year on a different topic, and bring together leading international researchers in a major field of social psychology (see our website at for details, programs, pictures of past symposia, etc.). These small group meetings have a reputation of being among the most stimulating, enjoyable and fun conferences in our field - feel free to check with any of the past participants (for a list, click here)!! The topic of next year's symposium is


(broadly defined!). Our aim is to survey the latest developments in theory and empirical research in this exciting and rapidly developing area. Given your seminal contribution to this field, we really hope that you will be able to participate. We expect that the contributions will be subsequently published in a book form. Contributions normally present a brief review of a significant area of research emphasizing especially the latest theoretical and empirical developments (the target word length for the eventual chapter is 6000 words, so it is a fairly concise project).

We very much hope that you will be able to come to Sydney next March.

Joe Forgas, Arie Kruglanski and Kip Williams