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Following draft chapters/abstracts are available for download in PDF format:

Daniel Ames (Columbia University)
Pushing up to a point: The psychology of interpersonal assertiveness

Craig Anderson (Iowa State University)
The General Aggression Model (GAM) and three ways that global climate change will likely increase aggression and violence

Tanya Chartrand & Pontus Leander (Duke University)
Nonconscious battles of will: Automatic counteraction to the perceived goals and preferences of others

Thomas Denson & Emma Fabiansson (University of New South Wales)
The Effects of anger and anger regulation on negotiation

Ed Donnerstein (University of Arizona)
The media and aggression: From TV to the internet

Chris Eckhardt  (Purdue University)
Cognitive, affective, and relational factors in intimate partner violence etiology and intervention: Evidence vs. Ideology

Eli Finkel (Northwestern University)
The doormat effect: When forgiving erodes self-respect

Grainne Fitzsimmons (University of Waterloo)
Interdependent goals and relationship conflict

Adam Galinsky (Northwestern University), Debra Gilin (Saint Mary's University) & William Maddux (INSEAD)
The role empathy and perspective-taking in the resolution of social conflicts

Michael Hogg (Claremont Graduate University)
Aggressive radicalism as a response to self-uncertainty

Rowell Huesmann (University of Michigan), Eric Dubow (University of Michigan & Bowling Green State University) & Paul Boxer (University of Michigan & Rutgers University)
Participation in religious activities as a protective and exacerbating factor in the development and continuity of aggressive behavior across the lifespan and generations

Arie Kruglanski (University of Maryland)
Close mindedness and aggression

Robert Kurzban (University of Pennsylvania)
Are Supernatural Beliefs Commitment Devices?

Mario Mikulincer (Interdiciplinary Center Herzliya) & Phillip Shaver (University of California, Davis)
Attachment, aggression, and intergroup conflict

Deborah Richardson & Georgina Hammock (Augusta State University)
Is it aggression? Perceptions of and motivations for passive and psychological aggression

Mark Van Vugt (University of Amsterdam)
Guns, Germs, and Sex: How evolution shaped the social psychology of intergroup conflict

Kipling Williams & Eric D Wesselman (Purdue University)
Ostracism & Aggression

Lisa Zadro (Sydney University)
Silence hurts: The roles of anger, pain, and shame in eliciting punishing responses to ostracism