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Social Psychology of Morality

18th Sydney Symposium of Social Psychology

16-19th March, 2015

Convened by
Joe Forgas, Paul van Lange & Lee Jussim
University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Understanding the social characteristics of moral decisions and behavior has been a major challenge to philosophers and scientists since time immemorial. This conference and the resulting edited book will bring together leading international researchers who are interested in understanding what social psychology can contribute to our understanding of moral judgments and behavior, and in turn, how conceptions of morality can inform social psychological theories and research. Contributions will explore the close relationship between morality and social psychological phenomena at the individual, group and cultural level (such as moral decisions and cognition, the role of morality in interpersonal processes, the moral dimensions of intergroup relations and prosocial behavior, and the impact of moral ideologies on social psychological research practices). Social and cultural aspects of justice and morality will also be explored, and the question of how moral principles are translated into everyday social behavior will be analyzed. The Symposium and the resulting book will thus survey the latest developments in theory and research in this exciting and rapidly developing field, and should be of interest to students, researchers and practitioners in the social sciences and humanities interested in the multifaceted links between moral principles and social behavior.